Special Surface Coatings applied Over Base Materials

Whenever custom wire baskets need to hold parts with polished or delicate surfaces, we protect the parts by using various coatings to “soften” the surfaces of the stainless steel baskets. We never recommend powder coating a mild steel basket hoping the coating will protect the basket from rust. At some point, the coating will develop a pinhole or small scratch exposing the mild steel which will rust very quickly and blister off the surrounding coating. We only recommend powder coating stainless steel baskets.
Nylon is an extremely versatile coating for parts washing baskets. Nylon 11 creates a soft surface to protect parts while still having good abrasion resistance. Nylon has good resistance to Salt water, Hydrocarbons, Solvents, Acids, Salts, and Alkalis. Nylon 11 coated wire baskets can withstand working temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, we use Black Nylon 11 for our custom baskets, but other colors are available.
In custom baskets that need to hold parts with sharp corners or baskets with high wear areas, we use snap on UHMW to cover the critical basket rods. The UHMW Snap up covers are thicker and softer than powder coating and are very easily replaced if they wear through. UHMW is not as chemical resistant as Nylon, and should not be subjected to sustained temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
Several other powder coatings are commonly used on custom stainless steel baskets for more extreme applications, call us to discuss the best solution for your project.
Halar coating is actually the brand name for ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene, or ECTFE. It has high impact strength, it is resistant to concentrated chemicals, and has a wide working temperature range (-105 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit). Halar is “better” than Nylon 11 for industrial baskets, but powder coating baskets with Halar is much more expensive than powder coating baskets with Nylon 11. We only recommend Halar coating stainless steel baskets for extreme applications.
Plastisol is applied to baskets by a dipping process that coats surfaces with a thick very soft vinyl coating. A wide variety of colors are available. In general, vinyl coatings have limited chemical, heat or abrasion resistance. Industrial baskets only get Plastisol coatings to improve the grip of handles, for process identification or cosmetic reasons only.

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