Wire Mesh Baskets for Heat Treating & Normalizing

High-Temperature Wire Baskets

Trust Three M Tool’s custom baskets to withstand the heat of processes generating temperatures of up to 2200° F.

Custom Wire Baskets for High Heat Applications

Three M Tool designs and manufactures heat treatment wire baskets for use in cleaning and processing environments requiring elevated temperatures. Our industry experience enables us to recommend the right materials, features and finishes for your application, resulting in a custom basket that will offer durability and longevity in addition to its ability to withstand sustained high temperatures.

Use Cases

Our high-heat wire basket products have been used in a wide variety of industries for applications that require high temperature tolerances for heat treating/normalizing. You’ll find Three M Tool heat treating/normalizing baskets serving industries including:
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Medical/Medical Device Manufacturing


Our design and manufacturing process allows us to offer many standard and custom features and additional services as required by your application. We proudly partner with trusted vendors for additional services like electropolishing, nylon, Halar or Teflon powder coating, and zinc plating.

Materials We Use

Selecting a base material for a wire basket design is a balancing act between material characteristics: Weight vs. strength, cost vs. corrosion resistance, etc. We strive to optimize performance by understanding each material’s strengths and weaknesses to choose the best material for each application. Below is an overview of our most commonly-used materials and their recommended usages:

304 Stainless Steel

The most common of the industrial stainless steel grades, 304 stainless steel is readily available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and is relatively easy to form and weld. Good for high-temperature applications (up to 1200° F,) wet and mildly caustic environments. Can be powder coated for added part protection. Electropolishing is recommended for all ultrasonic applications.

316 Stainless Steel

Slightly stronger than 304 stainless, with better corrosion resistance and better high temperature strength, 316 stainless steel is readily available in most shapes. Compared to 304, it is still relatively easy to form and weld. Good for high-temperature applications (up to 1600° F,) salt water environments, and acidic and alkaline environments. Can be powder coated for added part protection. Electropolishing is recommended for all ultrasonic applications.

330 Stainless Steel

Better high-temperature strength than both 304 and 316 stainless (up to 2200° F.) Limited selection of shapes available. Higher nickel content makes it more difficult to form and weld. Good corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline environments. These qualities also apply to other high nickel-content alloys.

Carbon Steel

Also called mild steel, carbon steel is strong, inexpensive, easy to form and weld, and readily available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Carbon steel is a great choice for manual solvent cleaning, oil dipping, and indoor material handling applications. It offers very limited corrosion resistance in its natural finish, and is therefore generally not recommended for wet locations, acidic and alkaline environments, or ultrasonic or aqueous cleaning applications.

Our Work

Three M Tool Custom Formed Stainless Steel Grate

Formed Stainless Steel Grate for Barbecue Grill

Our customer produces custom, high-end patio accessories including custom barbecues. They approached Three M Tool to manufacture a grate to fit their custom barbecue’s unique shape and intricate height adjustment mechanism while withstanding the high temperatures and corrosive effects of grilling.

Three M Tool Custom Wire Basket

Custom Wire Basket for Oddly-Shaped Parts

Our customer needed a stainless steel wire basket to hold cast aluminum parts throughout a vacuum impregnation process that cleans the parts, coats them with chemical sealant, spins them at several hundred RPMs to remove excess sealant, and cures the sealant with a hot air blast.

Tray and Carrier system to hold clipper blades

Stainless Steel Tray & Carrier for Clipper Blades

Our customer, a clipper blade manufacturer, needed a stainless steel tray and carrier system to hold blades through a full-rotation cleaning process, heat treating process, and chemical dip. The system needed to secure the parts, be easy to load, and able to withstand rough conditions during the various processes.


Most of our customers are looking for a heat treating basket that can be used throughout their facility and move from operation to operation. For that, we would recommend using the 330 SS material grade, as it can withstand the most heat while providing the flexibility needed to be moved around.

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The expert TMT team will consult with you about your unique application and recommend the best wire basket solution.

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