Wire Basket with Lid Light Duty

Wire Basket with Lid Light Duty

Light Duty baskets have an open construction design. Each wire basket with lid light duty basket has a top wire frame for the opening and/or lid, there is no wire frame on the bottom or sides. The top welded frames and stout wire mesh linings used in each design, ensure your custom light-duty wire basket will withstand the repeated use and abuse inherent to industrial applications. The frame-less design allows for effortless flow through the lining material. These baskets are ideal for aqueous and vapor-based cleaning applications. Designed to handle even the most delicate parts with safety, our sturdy, simple mesh baskets will readily accommodate up to 15 pounds of load.

Customer Requirements

Loaded capacity approximately 15 pounds
Rectangular baskets in any size:
3” to 36” in length or width
1” to 10” in height (only full and half inches will be accepted)
Light-weight open construction is perfect for ultrasonic cleaning, vapor degreasers, and aqueous spray washers
Ideal for holding Circuit Boards and other sensitive parts through cleaning and storage

304 or 316 Stainless Steel Construction, with electropolishing available
No Handles
Available as open top (N-style) or with hinged lid (J-style) or with hinged lid and thumb latches (L-style)
Lining Size Options: We offer 4 mesh size options

Our Solution

Every basket on AnySizeBasket.com is made with high quality materials and good manufacturing practices. Quality workmanship guaranteed.

Our stainless steel custom light duty baskets are made with 304 or 316 stainless steel and can be in natural or electropolished finish depending on your needs. As stainless steel is resistant to chemicals, heat and corrosion, you can trust your custom basket to keep your parts protected and organized when exposed to almost any variety of solvent or degreaser.

Electropolished Surface: (Stainless Steel only) An electro-chemical dipping process to remove all free iron from the top layer of material, leaving the surface very rich in nickel and chrome. The resulting surface is very smooth and shiny, with improved corrosion resistance. Electropolishing is recommended for any ultrasonic and vapor degreasing cleaning applications.

We offer a wide range of made to order light duty baskets through our ecommerce site www.AnySizeBasket.com.

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