Made to Order Rectangular Wire Dipping Basket

Made to Order Rectangular Wire Dipping Basket

Industrial processes vary widely, so manufacturers hoping to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their tools need baskets that can fill multiple roles. Custom medium duty rectangular wire dipping baskets from AnySizeBasket use resilient carbon or stainless steel, sturdy welds, and durable frames for a long service life in even the most rigorous industrial environments. was created to provide our customers in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries with a tool to design and order custom baskets online in just minutes. Using our medium-duty rectangular basket custom design capability, you can create a robust rectangular wire basket that will support parts dipping, sorting, cleaning, and even heat treating up to 800 degrees.

Many styles of lids and handles can be added to your medium duty rectangular wire basket’s custom design to provide maximum ease of handling and parts security.

Customer Requirements

Create your medium duty rectangular baskets in most any size and configuration to meet your application. The length, width, and height all accommodate a range between 3 and 36 inches. Based on your specified dimensions, an appropriate frame size with varying supports will be constructed to ensure sufficient strength and durability.

Our double wire frame bottom is a standard to our design. This feature adds great reinforcement to the bottom mesh panel of the basket. The dual frame adds great strength and rigidity for increased usable life.

Select the mesh to best fit your parts or process. Click on the information circle icon for help in making a selection. We have fine mesh for drying parts after dipping or a sturdy welded wire mesh for storage of heavier parts. Balance the wire size and open area percentage to best fit your part containment needs.

Carbon or stainless steel material construction is offered. Your material will be determined based on the operating environment for the basket. Carbon steel is an excellent economical option for processes such as oxide treatments, while our 304 and 316 stainless steel baskets will resist damage from more aggressive chemicals. Electropolishing is also available to increase corrosion resistance and surface purity.

Many styles of lids and handles can be added to your medium duty rectangular basket’s custom design to provide maximum ease of handling and parts security.

Our Solution

Loaded capacity approximately 65 pounds
Rectangular wire baskets in any size from 3” to 36” in length or width, 3” to 36” in height (only full and half inches will be accepted)
Offered in a variety of handle styles, open top or with hinged or removable lids
Available with a range of wire mesh and perforated metal lining to fit any application
Unlimited possible applications: Cleaning, Dipping, Sorting, Screening/Sifting, Filtering, Storage, Heat Treating (up to 800 ⁰F)

Carbon Steel, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Construction, with electropolish finishing available (stainless steel only)
Frames: Baskets up to 6″ (length or diameter) have 3/16″ diameter rod frames, baskets between 6″ and 18″ have 1/4″ diameter rod frames, baskets 18″ and over have 5/16″ diameter rod frames.
Lining Size Options: 11 mesh sizes from which to choose

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