Perforated Metal Box with Lid

Perforated Metal Box with Lid

A simple and sturdy but very versatile perforated metal box with hinged lid can be used in a variety of applications. It’s perfect as a small tool box, or to sort and dip parts, or to rinsed and wash parts. Extra-Rigid Stainless Steel Rectangular Enclosed Parts Baskets. Made from 304 stainless steel sheet metal with stamped holes, these baskets are more rigid than wire baskets. They have excellent corrosion resistance.

Customer Requirements

Our Perforated Metal Box is designed to be simple and rugged. The perforated metal used for the box gives a smooth surface with even round holes for good flow and drainage.

Our Solution

Three M Tool’s Perf Metal Boxes are available in a variety perforated metal hole sizes, available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel, in a range of sizes and styles.

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