Jet Turbine Blade Basket with Lid

Jet Turbine Blade Basket with Lid

Jet engines on commercial aircraft are required to be disassembled, inspected and reassembled after a set number of flights. Our customer is the largest jet engine remanufacturing facility in the United States.  They required a basket system to organise the turbine vane and blade parts through their process.

Customer Requirements

Our customer required a system of baskets that organized the various different styles of turbine blades and vanes.  The basket system needs to help the technicians maintain the sub-set counts, part positions, and the link back to the engine they came from.  After disassembly, the parts are cleaned in a hoist fed caustic bath, inspected using FPI (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection), cleaned again in an ultrasonic bath, then reassembled.  The racks of different styles on blades and vanes need move through the operations on a cart as one “engine set”.

Our Solution

Three M Tool designed and built a system of racks with a common outer basket size and shape to make stacking easy.  The interior of the baskets had part-specific grids to hold a specific number of each style with laser etched labeling to clearly identify the different styles.  The size and shape of the grids where part-specific to make part loading fool-proof.  The baskets designed to be very open to maximize cleaning and FPI.  The handles are shaped to slide into a wheeled cart for transport.

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