Grit Blaster Reclaimer Screen

Grit Blaster Reclaimer Screen

Our customer manufacturers enclosed grit blasting (sand blasting) booths.  After the grit is shot at the dirty part by compressed air, the dirty grit is collected by a vacuum system that filters through a reclaimer screen to sift out dirt and large particles.  The clean grit returns to the system reservoir to be reused.

Customer Requirements

The grit flowing through these Reclaimer Screens is, by design, very abrasive.  When the screens begin to wear, they can allow unwanted dirt and large particles to pass through and clog the machine.  Therefore the Reclaimer Screens are considered “semi-consumable” (need to be replaced regularly) so they need to be inexpensive, but also need to be precise enough accurately filter the grit and protect the machine.

Our Solution

To keep the costs down, we developed a hydraulic press to accurately form the mesh bowl, and a welding process to quickly and cleanly weld the mesh to the perimeter ring. The final Reclaimer Screen has the shaped mesh bowl and round edge frame to perfectly fit the customer’s machines.

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