Decorative Litter Basket Body

Decorative Litter Basket Body

Designer John Rizzi took his inspiration from traditional cast iron furniture and asymmetric patterns in nature. A tough tool with a touch of class, Parc Vue recalls the wire mesh receptacle once a staple in city parks, giving the familiar a fresh face. Subtly curved metal mesh basket with urn-shaped liner results in a sculptural form, robust in function.

Customer Requirements

Three M Tool was asked to figure out how to manufacture the designer’s vision using expanded metal.  While expanded metal is inexpensive and easy to work with in flat panels, this project required a nearly invisible vertical seam on the wrap, forming the hourglass shape, and tight tolerances on the height and diameter to work properly with the cast iron base and formed plastic liner.

Our Solution

We developed a manufacturing process to accurately and repeatedly line up and weld the expanded metal into a tube, producing strong but a nearly invisible weld seam.  We also developed a special forming process to create the hourglass shape. Finally, we perfected a welding process to to maintain the height and parallelism tolerance the customer required.  We’re able to produce a remarkably beautiful and very precise part from expanded metal, which is notoriously dirty and inconsistent.


The finished product can be viewed at Landscape Forms

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