Carburetor Screen for Dragsters

Carburetor Screen for Dragsters

Our customer is a Champion Super Street Drag Racer and he asked us to develop a stainless steel screen to cover the carburetor on his drag car.

Customer Requirements

The proper design for the carburetor screen needed to have mesh fine enough to keep out small stones, tools and rags, but be open enough to allow maximum air flow.  The screen had fit snuggly on the face of the carburetor so it wouldn’t rattle at high RPMs.  And it needed several grommeted holes for the hold down post and carburetor float vent tubes.

Our Solution

The Carburetor Screen we developed for our customer uses 6 mesh x 0.028″ woven wire mesh which has a 0.138″ opening and a 69% open space.  Grommets are installed in several holes and the mesh is formed into a shallow bowl shape in a hydraulic press.  Then a stainless steel band is welded to the bottom edge.

These are available through Intensity Racing Products

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