Basket for Parts Washing Station

Basket for Parts Washing Station

Our customer sells an innovative parts washing station that uses compressed air to blow chips and oils off of parts while using the vacuum from the compressed air to draw the chips and oils down into the base of the unit. They needed a durable wire mesh basket to work with their air powered parts washer.

Customer Requirements

The baskets for the air powered parts washers need to be strong enough for constant industrial parts washing, and have rigid loop handles for easy part agitation.

Our Solution

Three M Tool designed and manufactures a round wire mesh basket with a TIG welded 3/16″ rod frame and handle, lined with 6 mesh x .047″ woven wire mesh (with .119″ openings) or a finer 16 x .028″ woven wire mesh (with .035″ openings), 304 stainless steel throughout.

The full parts cleaning station can be viewed at MiJet

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