Custom Industrial Wire Baskets

Part Specific Protection And Placement
Custom Designed Baskets

Send us your part drawings! We can design a basket to properly protect each part through your application. Don't waste another minute thinking about part orientation, size, or contact surface constraints. Send us the information and let our team complete the design work for you.

You don't just need another basket, you need more, you need an engineered component allowing your production to strive. Since 2001, Three M Tool has been working with engineers and production managers to provide a wire basket design to best support their industrial application. Parts can be small one-millimeter diameter pipets or five foot long axles, our team can design a basket, tray, pin rack, or tote to secure and protect each part from process damage. Our team will evaluate the part, process, and operating environment to design a custom industrial basket solution to fit the application requirements. Let us get started on your application.

Your custom industrial wire mesh basket is manufactured by our experienced fabricators to produce a durable, quality basket. You have the part and the application, we will develop the wire basket to meet your needs. Every project is viewed as more than just a basket, its a engineered solution. We look forward to talking to you on your industrial basket project. Review our many custom baskets below.

Your production and parts require more than just a basket.
Let us design an engineered solution, an industrial wire mesh basket,
that meets your requirements and acts as a catalyst to success.

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