Metal and Metal Rod Designs

Metal Rod is a commonly used product used throughout our shop. We have the tooling and knowledge to create various configurations offering a durable, clean, and open design.

Metal Rod, Pallet Support, Robot

Positive Part Placement

Our client needed a sturdy and open design to stabilize slip sheet placement in a robotic automation line. Our metal rod pallet side design enclosed the slip sheets to allow for proper placement and transport of the sheets through manufacturing.

Three M Tool Stainless Steel Crate

Life-Saving Protection

Blood Plasma is the building block of life. Our client needed a sterile and long-lasting solution to protect their product during collection and storage. Our team has supplied thousands of these crates to their US facilities.

Custom Components

We work with equipment manufacturers to produce their machine fan covers. The open design of metal rod offers the protection and flow through needed.

Bringing Your Design Idea to Life

Come to us with a specific need or vision and we will work with you to make it a reality.    A landscape products company approached our team with an artist sketch of new concept design for a outdoor trash can.  The product was one to be installed in parks across the country. 

The designer had several design demands on the welded construction and end product look which other shops could not meet.   Three M Tool was able to understand and translate their vision into a new manufacturing process.  The designer was very pleased with the end result of a seamless weld connection across its hourglass shape. 

Expanded Metal, trash Can, Basket

Making Your Solution Part of The Team

Let’s reset the way you operate.  

Three M Tool looks to provide a solution that redefines and improves your process to eliminate ergonomic or resource challenges simplifying your workflows; whether on the production floor or lacrosse field. 

Lacrosse is a passion for many at Three M Tool to which hours of coaching and spectating have been spent.   Our product, Lax-Goal Wheels, was developed from seeing a problem for those individual or team practices – setting up and moving the goal. 

Our team worked to solve the problem in a quick, economical, and easy manner.  Our solution becomes a part of the daily routine, eliminating the ergonomic and resource issues associated with old methods.   Let our team redefine your process with a metal solution. 

Lax Goal Wheels

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