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Manufacturing Parts Wire Baskets

Custom-designed Wire Baskets for Parts Manufacturers

Custom Stainless Steel Wire Baskets For Your Manufacturing Needs

Three M Tool can create the stainless steel wire baskets you need for your device across a variety of industries and use cases. Our designs are durable and built to a high degree of quality and precision. We aim to create usable, functional designs and deliver them at great value, helping your brand maintain its quality reputation.

What We Offer

At Three M Tool, we’re committed to creating quality products while serving as the ideal manufacturing partner. We’ll work together with you through each design stage to ensure your creation matches your exact specifications. We’ll also deliver our final drawings to give you the blueprints for our success. It’s our goal to make it as easy and enjoyable to work with us as possible. We believe in delivering excellence at every stage of the production process, from our service to you to the final product. Here’s what that looks like:

Quality Products

We use stainless steel for all our products and precision manufacturing techniques for quality work. We never cut corners or leave unfinished edges on our final products. We understand that what we deliver ultimately reflects on your brand as much as it does on ours.

Custom Solutions

Our facility delivers custom solutions based on your unique specifications. We handle many unique, one-off, or limited production designs and can craft a product to your most demanding specifications. We can help you save time as a reliable provider for unique designs that must be built immediately.

Safe and Intuitive

We deliver safe designs with intuitive functionality, helping to make your devices easier to use and increasing customer satisfaction. We can work with your custom design and work out the rough edges or create one for your needs. Our final product will be safe and easy for your intended user.

Broad Manufacturing Capabilities

We’re always updating our facility to use the latest manufacturing technologies. We aim to deliver quality and precision with every product and are always looking for new ways to deliver a better product at a lower price. That allows us to provide the best quality on the market for each customer.

Cross-Industry Competence

Whether you need a delicate mesh cover for your medical device or a sturdy screen for your outdoor receptacles, we have the expertise and capabilities to manufacture just what you need. Our cross-industry competence allows us to deliver quality products in any context.

Why Choose Three M Tool?

At Three M Tool, we’re manufacturers first. We understand the pressure that other manufacturers face and always aim to deliver a quality product.
We place a premium on service and always aim to be a reliable partner who understands what you want and delivers it right the first time. It’s our goal to be leaders in our space, and we work to reflect that with every product we deliver. Contact us for a quality addition to your following product, and we’ll get to work!

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