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Custom Medical Wire Baskets

Custom-designed Medical Wire Baskets for Medical Cleaning Devices

At Three M Tool, we create custom-designed medical wire baskets, racks, and trays for medical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and research labs to clean.

Our projects have included baskets to hold and clean condyle implants and other orthopedic implants, bone screws, titanium spinal rods, surgical instruments and surgical devises, as well as labware and glassware. Our medical wire baskets, trays, and racks are crafted from medical-grade stainless steel and can be electropolished to ensure sterility and purity for the highest classes of cleanrooms. Our versatile trays and wire baskets are designed to securely hold delicate parts without scratching critical surfaces or blocking the cleaning of difficult to clean areas. We understand how to interface with sensitive automated equipment, facilitate safe operator loading and unloading, and aid in consistent verifiable cleaning.

Custom Wire Baskets, Trays, Racks, and Mesh for Your Medical and Pharmaceutical Needs

Whether you need medical wire baskets for automated cleanroom integration or standalone small lot manual use, we can tailor our products precisely to your specifications. Explore some examples of our premium wire baskets, trays, and racks crafted from high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel.

Medical Baskets

For a recent project, a medical implant manufacturer needed a basket for precision cleaning and passivating of Glenoid Spheres for shoulder implants at the end of the manufacturing process. The outer surface of the spheres are highly polished and must be protected from potential scratching. The parts needed to have guaranteed cradle-to-grave manufacturing lot traceability so the basket design included a latching door so lots can’t be intermixed, and a liquid tight tube on top to protect and carry the lot control documentation through the cleaning process. Machined PEEK plastic trays hold the parts, protecting the critical surfaces from scratches and potential water spotting. Once the parts are loaded on the trays, and the trays are slid into the baskets, the loaded baskets are hung on an automated conveyor into the multi-stage process that ultrasonically cleans, passivates, rinses and dries the parts.

Medical Trays and Wire Baskets

For medical products demanding the highest levels of purity for clean room applications, Three M Tool offers a range of medical trays and wire baskets designed for medical parts cleaning. Whether it’s an ultra-fine woven mesh basket for securing delicate small parts or a stackable frame for efficient storage, our products easily exceed stringent standards. Utilizing medical-grade stainless steel ensures superior strength and resilience to prevent damage and provide sterility from one procedure to the next.

Medical-Grade Stainless Steel

Medical-grade stainless steel refers to a type 304 or type 316 stainless steel that is suitable for use in all medical and healthcare applications. All surfaces are Electropolished after fabrication for a smooth, clean, chemically pure surface, that improves corrosion resistance, durability, and ability to withstand sterilization processes such as autoclaving.

The most common types of stainless steel used in medical trays and baskets are typically from the 304 or 316 stainless steel alloys. These grades offer excellent corrosion resistance and are non-reactive to bodily fluids and tissues, making them suitable for surgical instruments, and other medical devices.

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