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Three M Tool manufactures a wide range of small part containers, stainless steel part racks, and wire mesh stainless steel or carbon steel baskets. Baskets can be used for a number of applications including aqueous part washing, conveyor washing, ultrasonic cleaning, and centrifugal drying, Additional uses include fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), power washing, storing, and even waste disposal.

See how we designed baskets to clean Disassembled Transmission Parts

We were asked by a company that remanufactures drive units for electric fork trucks to design a basket to hold the individual components of the disassembled units. Some of the components were extremely heavy, all of the components could have heavy caked-on grime on the outside, and some of the components have internal hydraulic passages that need to be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning process they are using includes high pressure spray and full rotation. All of the parts, large and small, from each drive unit need to stay together through the cleaning process, they had to fit into a cleaning chamber that was pretty tight, and the basket needed to be easy to load with visually intuitive part locations. Watch my video to learn more….

Simple is Elegant in Wire Basket Design

Quite often a design that’s simple and elegant is the best and most innovative. Let’s compare one of our most basic baskets to demonstrate how I believe simple is the best, and compare our design to similar basket made by a competitor. This is one of our standard dipping baskets. People might use it for all kinds of stuff like dipping, cleaning or drying parts, storing parts in stacks or on shelves, sifting parts out of powder or liquid, or screening gunk out. We make this style baskets in a huge range of sizes, in a variety of materials, meshes and handle styles to suit this wide range of applications. Watch my video to learn more….

Tiny Tray to process Eye Lense Implants

A pharmaceutical company came to us with a sketch of a basket they needed to hold cataract replacement lenses thru several chemical processes and several high temperature curing processes.  All they had was a sketch of the basket, with no idea how to make it.  The basket needed to be Surgical grade stainless steel, electropolished for purity and smoothness.  We had to invent a repeatable fabrication process to make the zig-zag mesh panels and invent a welding process to join the panels together, holding the tight tolerances on size and smoothness needed, while still getting repeatable and strong weld joints.  We made some suggestions to improve the design for manufacturability and after submitting samples for validation, we were in full production in about a month.  Watch my video to learn more….

Dip And Drain Parts Cleaning Basket

What should be a simple cleaning operation, is messy and cumbersome. That’s when I came up with the idea for our Dip-And-Drain baskets. I took one of our traditional dipping baskets, and added these swinging feet to the bottom. With the swinging feet tucked under, the basket sits flat to be loaded and fits into a bucket for dipping and cleaning. When done, the feet swing out to hold the basket of clean parts over the bucket so any extra solvent drains back into the bucket, not on to the shop floor. Our standard Dip-And-Drain baskets have been very popular for dipping and cleaning all kinds of parts. They are available in a variety of sizes on Amazon (search within Amazon for “Dip-And-Drain Baskets”). Watch my video to learn more….

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