Replacing Your Equipment’s Stock Wire Baskets

Three M Tool Custom Wire BasketIncrease Throughput, Reduce Waste, and Improve Efficiency by Replacing Your Equipment’s Stock Wire Baskets with Custom Wire Baskets

The wire baskets that are included with your equipment purchases may seem like they’re saving you money, but they could actually be costing you in lower throughput, damaged product, and lost efficiency. These baskets are typically designed for one thing: the equipment. They aren’t designed for the unique needs of your particular parts or the processes that come before or after they reach the equipment. That’s why investing in a custom wire basket can add up to big savings and ROI that can be measured in higher throughput of good product, less waste, and greater overall efficiency. 

To help you understand the positive impact custom wire baskets can have on your production environment, we’ve assembled a short list of problems our customers have encountered with stock baskets and the benefits they’ve reported by replacing their stock baskets with custom baskets.

Stock Problem: Baskets that come with the equipment are one-size-fits all, and that limits the configuration and quantity of parts that can be processed at one time.

Custom Solution: A custom wire basket is designed to optimize the space inside the basket specifically for the size and shape of your parts, offering the potential to increase product throughput by using a more efficient design.

Stock Problem: Stock baskets are constructed of low-quality materials, and welds and finishes are rough or poorly placed, resulting in more incidents of damage and loss.

Custom Solution: A reputable custom wire basket manufacturer uses only high-quality materials, such as 304, 316, or 330 stainless steel, and recommends finishes that are specific to your parts and process. Every point of contact is attended to, ensuring parts are protected. 

Stock Problem: The basket only functions in one piece of equipment, so parts must be frequently transferred and handled, resulting in damaged parts and slowed production.

Custom Solution: Customizing presents an opportunity to design a basket that can move from one process to another and perform in more than one piece of equipment. This can reduce the number of times parts need to be handled and thereby reduce damage and waste. It can also speed up productivity by reducing the number of times parts must be loaded and unloaded.

Stock Problem: Generic designs and poor ergonomics cause personnel to waste valuable time loading and unloading parts from baskets or getting baskets to fit smoothly into equipment.

Custom Solution: A custom design accounts for how personnel use the basket and pays attention to ergonomic details, such as placement of handles, dividers, and lids, to make basket handling as efficient as possible and provide a smoother fit into equipment.

Ready to go from stock to custom?

If you have equipment that came with stock baskets and you’d like to explore a custom basket solution to increase your throughput, reduce waste, and improve efficiency, give us a call to discuss your needs or email us to request a fast quote. 


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