Many of today’s industries rely on baskets to hold delicate parts for cleaning, degreasing and dipping processes. These techniques require wire parts baskets that can withstand the rigors of fast-paced industrial use, resist heat and chemical damage and maintain their integrity to prevent lost parts and lost profit. Three M Tool has been designing custom-made wire baskets since 2002, and we know just how to capture these capabilities.

Three M Tool creates custom wire baskets for clients in the aerospace, manufacturing and automotive industries, crafting innovative designs to keep pace with the continual evolution of today’s technology. With new parts treating processes come new demands, and we ensure manufacturers have the light, medium or heavy-duty wire mesh baskets to meet them.

Truly Custom Designs, From a Centrifugal Dryer to a Steel Mesh Box

Having worked with clients in multiple industries, Three M Tool is well equipped to meet any challenge in metal parts basket fabrication. When you request a custom-made wire basket, one of our friendly experts will discuss your project with you from beginning to end. Once we fully understand your process, the size and shape of the parts, and any critical features, we will be able to provide a quote for your custom mesh basket.

Three M Tool uses premium-quality carbon or stainless steel to manufacture our products. Carbon steel is a less-expensive material option, and is ideal for indoor use or in oil-dipping processes that don’t require high levels of rust inhibition and chemical resistance. In harsher environments, switching to stainless steel wire mesh baskets will provide much better heat-tolerance, durability and resilience against chemical damage and corrosion.

Electropolishing is also available to add optimal cleanliness and purity to baskets made with stainless steel.

We make each of our custom wire basket designs with CNC rod forming, precise TIG welds and durable resistance welding for long service life even in constant industrial use. After assembly, each basket is thoroughly deburred and ground smooth to ensure worker safety and secure handling.

Custom-Made Wire Baskets Cover Countless Applications

Three M Tool will design and produce virtually any basket your company might need. Our heavy-duty wire mesh baskets are built tough enough for heavy equipment manufacturing, while our small stainless steel wire mesh baskets offer the strength and security required for sensitive electronic components and delicate medical devices.

Electropolished stainless steel baskets are also suitable for food processing. Our designs include custom oven racks and frying baskets for clients in large-scale industrial kitchens. Three M Tool also works with many clients in the medical industry to design cleanroom-friendly stainless steel storage baskets with specialized elements for holding fragile parts. With our customization capabilities, no design is out of reach.

Contact the Wire Basket Professionals for Your Unique Custom Baskets

No matter what you’re making or selling, keeping parts safe and organized is vital to maintaining efficiency and product quality. Three M Tool designs and produces custom-made wire baskets in America using superior craftsmanship and premium materials, and we believe in every product we sell.

We also believe in making custom orders effortless. Our division named offers simple pre-engineered wire mesh basket designs you can personalize, price and order all on one page, as well as an ample inventory of in-stock baskets in popular sizes.

If the product you need is too clever to exist yet, the friendly professionals at Three M Tool are here to make it a reality. Contact us today to get started on designing the perfect custom-made commercial wire baskets for your business.