Perforated Metal Pump Screen

Perforated Metal Pump Screen

Our customer, StingRay Parts Washers, offers a complete line of heavy duty industrial aqueous parts washers that use high volume, high pressure pumps to power away dirt and grease.  The intake for the parts washer pumps need to be supplied with lots of water without any chips, dirt or debris.

Customer Requirements

The Perforated Metal Pumps Screens need to be durable for the rough industrial environment.  The holes in the perforated metal need to be small enough to filter out particles that might hurt the pumps, but still be open enough to allow full flow to feed the pumps.

Our Solution

The Perforated Metal Pump Screens that Three M Tool manufactures are made from 16 Ga. perforated metal with 5/32″ holes on 3/16″ staggered centers, which gives the screens 63% open space for excellent flow.  The 1/8″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″ angle frame stiffens the side panels so it can withstand heavy abuse.  All seams and joints are resistance welded and all edges and corners are blended smooth.

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