Insert Basket and Carrier System

Insert Basket and Carrier System

A Basket and Carrier System to organize individual parts to be cleaned together, then assembled.

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RANS-261913 Rev B

Product dimensions

25 31/32”L x 18 29/29”W x 16 5/16”H


Insert Baskets and Carrier system to hold a manifold parts to be cleaned then assembled:

Application Overview:

Our customer wanted to organize all of the individual parts needed for hydraulic manifold assemblies into one “basket system” to be cleaned together, then assembled.  The individual parts included  several machined manifold plates, valve bodies, seals, small springs and fasteners.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer wanted a single basket system to hold a variety of different parts.  Large manifold blocks had to be held at an angle for effective cleaning and could not be scratched. A range of smaller parts stainless steel trays with  small mesh compartments.  The whole system of insert baskets and large parts had to be easy to load and move as one unit.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed a framework to hold the large manifold plates in cradles with Snap-on UHMW protecting the parts.  We then designed insert baskets with mesh dividers and hinged lids to separate and secure the smaller components.  The bottom, lid and mesh dividers of the insert baskets are  6 mesh x 0.047 woven wire mesh. The insert baskets fit into the carrier on top of the manifold plates and everything is secured by a spring loaded compression lid.  The design is open for effective cleaning and drying of the components.  Critical surfaces are protected from damage by Snap-on UHMW.  The insert baskets, carrier and lid are 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Electropolished.


Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: