Stainless Steel Rack to clean thin Bearing Rings:

Application Overview:

Our customer manufactures precision ball bearings and needed to clean and dry the parts with a high pressure spray tunnel washer before final assembly.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom stainless steel racks to thin round bearing cages for cleaning.  The bearing cages needed to be held vertically for optimal cleaning and drying.  The parts are thin enough that they needed to be supported in several locations.  The basket design needed to hold the parts securely through the high pressure spray wash and air dry, while as open as possible to avoid blocking or defusing the spray.  The basket also needed to move smoothly along a roller conveyor.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool’s solution was to y, but also develop a specialized resistance welding process to assemble and weld the honeycomb dividers.  The custom stainless steel tray we designed have 24 Ga. (0.025″) sheet metal perimeter sidewalls.  The bottom of the tray is mesh and the interior of the tray has a honeycomb of mesh dividers spot welded at each diamond point, to the bottom mesh, and to the side walls.  The lid is similarly constructed with 24 Ga. (0.025″) sheet metal perimeter sidewalls and mesh.  The bottom, lid and mesh dividers are  40 mesh x 0.010 woven wire mesh. The basket is 316 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Electropolished for purity.

Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: