Stainless Steel Basket and Lid with Interchangeable Inserts:

Application Overview:

Our customer had several different parts to run through the same process so they wanted one basket with interchangeable inserts to suit each part.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer wanted a single basket to bulk wash small loose parts, and also securely hold several different larger parts.  Each of the part styles needed to be held securely in the basket for a full rotation cycle. A compression lid was needed to to keep the parts in the baskets.  The basket inserts had to be easy for the operators to change for the different part configurations.  And the baskets needed to stack safely.

Our Solution:

The basket and insert system Three M Tool designed started with a mesh lined stainless steel basket and compression lid.  The basket has an extra concentric ring at the top so the baskets will stack securely.  The baskets also have a diamond shaped rod on the bottom face, called a conveyor bottom, so the basket moves easily on roller conveyors.  The basket has two spring loaded drop handles for easy lifting and moving. The adjustable compression lid has spring loaded pins that engage into holes in the basket to lock the lid in place at a variety of different heights.  The basket and lid are lined with 3 mesh x 0.063 woven wire mesh.

We then designed several part-specific inserts to fit inside the open basket.  One insert configuration uses a crossing rod grid to orient and secure machined castings.  The grid pattern was designed to hold the parts upright and not touch each other.  The adjustable compression lid would clamp the parts and the insert in place.  Another part-specific insert used vertical pins to orient and confine different parts. These parts had a critical machined surface that was protected by Snap-on UHMW on the insert rods.  Again, the adjustable compression lid would clamp the parts and the insert in place.

The basket, lid, and inserts are all 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Natural Finish.

Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: