Turbine Blade Rack: 24″L x 15″W x 6-1/4″H (approximate outside dimensions), 5/16″ Dia. rod perimeter frames with two 5/16″ dia. rod “lipped handles” (to slide into and hang in transport rack) and two 5/16″ dia. rod dual grip handles with hoist hook lifting vees (Racks are stackable), Top 1/4″ dia. frame to protect parts when racks are stacked, Two lower grids with 1/8″ dia. intersecting rods to create 1/2″ x 1/2″ locations for vane posts and one upper grid with 1/8″ dia. intersecting rods to create 1-29/32″ x 1-13/32″ spaces for vanes, Total capacity: 70 Stage 9 Vanes, One laser etched ID Tag with up to seven lines of 3/16″ Laser-etched text welded to end (specific text as noted on PO), 304 Stainless Steel construction throughout, Natural finish