Herb Roasting Basket:

Application Overview:

A high volume food processor needed custom stainless steel baskets to dry and roast spices, herbs and other natural flavoring ingredients.

Specific Requirements:

The chef wanted a stainless steel baskets to lay the basket full of raw ingredients on its side in the oven without rolling, but also allow the basket to rotate incrementally to evenly dry or roast the contents.  The design needed to have a tight-fitting hinged lid to contain any small pieces, and it needed to be easy for the chef to position and rotate the basket in the oven.  The interior of the basket had to be smooth and easy to clean between batches.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed and built a custom stainless steel roasting basket with two hexagonal rims on each end as a flat surface to position the basket on its side in the oven.  The rest of the outer frame is 1/4″ diameter rod with  TIG welded joints. One end of the custom basket has a hinged lid with a jam ring on the inner face to seal in small bits.  The lid is secured with a spring loaded compression latch.  The opposite end of the basket has a rigid square loop handle.   The bottom is lined on all sides with  4 mesh x .063″ woven wire mesh.  The basket is 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout.

Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: