Eye Lens Implant Tray

Eye Lens Implant Tray

Stainless steel trays with very small diamond shaped mesh compartments for eye lense implants.

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ALC-040201 Rev C

Product dimensions

3.89" x 1.75" x 0.35"H


Stainless Steel Tray with Mesh Dividers for Eye Lens Implants:

Application Overview:

Our customer manufactures lens implants for eyes and they needed a stainless steel tray to hold the implants thru several chemical bath treatments and curing in a plasma chamber.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom stainless steel trays with very small mesh compartments.  The individual compartments had to be interlaced diamond shaped to maximize the number of implants in the tray.  Every surface needed to be absolutely clean and burr-free, suitable for use in a Cleanroom Environment.  Shoe-box style lids are needed to keep the lenses in the  compartments during the processing.  And the trays needed to have clearly engraved serial numbers for accurate lot tracking.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool had to not only design the tray, but also develop a specialized resistance welding process to assemble and weld the honeycomb dividers.  The custom stainless steel tray we designed have 24 Ga. (0.025″) sheet metal perimeter sidewalls.  The bottom of the tray is mesh and the interior of the tray has a honeycomb of mesh dividers spot welded at each diamond point, to the bottom mesh, and to the side walls.  The lid is similarly constructed with 24 Ga. (0.025″) sheet metal perimeter sidewalls and mesh.  The bottom, lid and mesh dividers are  40 mesh x 0.010 woven wire mesh. The basket is 316 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Electropolished for purity.

We also have a short video with more detail on this project.

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