Stainless Steel Dipping Basket with Rotation Lever:

Application Overview:

Our customer needed to ultrasonically clean  aerospace parts.  The parts were long tubes with one end closed which will trap air inside the parts with the opening facing down, or trap a large amount cleaning solution inside the parts with the openings facing up.  In either part orientation, the interior surfaces of the parts were not getting cleaned properly.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom baskets that would rotate while immersed in the ultrasonic tank to allow any trapped air to escape. The custom basket then needed to rotate back again when raised out of the tank to drain any excess solution from inside of the parts.  The basket also needed a secure lid to keep the parts in place during rotation.  And the basket construction needed to be optimized for effective ultrasonic cleaning. The customer’s parts had delicute polished surfaces that needed to be protected from being scratched.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed and built custom stainless steel baskets with a 1/4″ diameter rod outer frame with all frame joints TIG welded. The interior of the basket has two levels of 3/16″ diameter rod grids creating 12  pockets to locate and separate customer parts.  The entire basket hangs from a long handle that rotates on the center of the basket.  A pull bar with a finger loop runs from the top of the handle to one side of the basket.  When the rod is pulled, the basket rotates up and over center, and flips 180 degrees.  A removable lid with spring action pins latched into the basket to secure the parts. The basket and lid are lined with 2 mesh x .063″ welded wire mesh.  The basket is 304 stainless steel construction throughout, then all surfaces are powder coated with 7 to 10 mils of Nylon 11 to protect the parts.

Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: