Spin Dryer Basket with Drop Bottom:

Application Overview:

Three M Tool manufactures several sizes and styles of heavy duty baskets for industrial centrifugal part dryers, spin dryers and chip wringers.

Specific Requirements:

Baskets for centrifugal part dryers need to be very heavy duty construction because they get filled with small metal parts that create a very dense and heavy load.  These spin dryers spin the baskets at several hundred RPM so the baskets must have proper weight distribution to remain balanced.  Spin dryers have drive pins in the bottom of their chamber that engage drive bars in the bottom of the baskets to “spin” the baskets.  The drive bars on these basket are different than traditional rod bottom supports, and the drive bar’s size and placement are unique to each equipment manufacturer.

Three M Tool manufactures several sizes and styles of spin dryer baskets.  Order online from

18″ Dia. X 24″ High Full Drop Bottom Baskets to fit K-94 Spin Dryers and K-94C Chip Wringers. The bottom of the basket is a hinged door with a release lever at the top of the basket to quickly and safely empty the basket. Welded 3/8″ dia. rod frame with bottom crossbars to engage the machine’s drive pins. Swinging handle with counterbalance for smooth balanced spinning. Available in a range of woven mesh or perforated metal lining to suit large and small parts. (Machine capacity 250 lbs.)

Design Features shown here that could be Ideas for your Custom Basket: