Large Stainless Steel Basket for Tank Dipping Parts:

Application Overview:

Our customer needed large stainless steel baskets to dip parts into a tank using an overhead crane.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer was building a work cell to clean residue off of molding machine plates.  The heavy plates would be loading into basket and lowered into a caustic cleaning solution by an overhead crane.  The basket design must be strong enough to hold the heavy parts.  The basket also needed to remain stable if the parts were loaded off center.  And the materials used in the basket needed to withstand long term exposure to caustic chemicals.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool’s design for this custom basket application uses a 3/8″ diameter rod frame for strength.  We added diamond-shaped crossbars on the bottom face to support the load and to make the basket easy to move on a roller conveyor.  The basket’s rigid A-frame handle with a center crane hook loop kept the basket stable even when it was loaded off-center.  The customer’s parts are large so we chose a 1 mesh x 0.105″ lock-crimped woven wire mesh lining because it is very open and very strong.  The entire basket is made using 316 Stainless Steel Construction improved corrosion resistance in caustic chemicals.

Design Features shown here that could be Ideas for your Custom Basket: