Stainless Steel Basket with Tight Fitting Lid for Small Parts:

Application Overview:

Our customer needed a stainless steel basket made from perforated metal to hold small parts through a bulk part washing process.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom stainless steel basket to clean small parts.  The lining of the baskets must not catch the small parts.  And the baskets needed a tight fitting lid to keep the small parts for escaping.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed and built round baskets with lids for this customer.  We selected perforated metal instead of wire mesh to give the customer the smoothest possible inner surface with no chance of their parts catching between the mesh wires.  Perforated metal is less open than wire mesh which can reduce the cleaning effectiveness, but it is more important that the parts won’t get caught in the baskets. The entire basket, bottom, sidewalls, and lid are made of Perforated Metal with 1/4″ diameter holes on 5/16″ staggered centers.  The lid is a “shoe-box” style lid with a band around the edge that fits down over the basket like a shoe-box.  The lid is held tightly in place by two compression latches.  The compression latches have sheet metal guards around them so they can’t be accidentally bumped and open during processing. The basket is 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Natural Finish.


Design Features shown here that could be Ideas for your Custom Basket: