Stainless Steel Baskets for High Tech Active Suspension Parts:

Application Overview:

Our customer manufactures software-enabled vehicle suspension systems and needed baskets to clean intricate molded composite parts.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom stainless steel trays with internal grids to orient and hold molded parts for cleaning.  The parts have an awkward shape but they had to be securely held in a specific orientation for effective cleaning and drying.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool worked with digital models of the parts in SolidWorks to design a grid of crossing welded rods.  The grip compartments hold the parts on edge and rotated at the proper angle for effective cleaning and fast spot-free drying.  The shape of the grids make it very easy for the operators to see how the parts should be loaded, and also makes it difficult to load the parts incorrectly.  The grid pattern positions the parts tightly together to maximize process throughput, but too close together as to reduce cleaning efficiency.  The basket is 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Natural Finish.


Design Features shown here that could be Ideas for your Custom Basket: