Stainless Steel Basket for Medical Devices:

Application Overview:

Our customer manufactures medical devices and they needed a stainless steel basket to hold a variety of parts to be cleaned in a Clean Room environment.

Specific Requirements:

Our customer needed custom stainless steel basket to hold several sizes of filters and and pump parts for a blood filtering system they manufacture. The parts to be cleaned are generally flat rectangles in a variety of sizes.  The customer wanted to holds as many parts as possible within their ultrasonic tank.  The custom basket also needed to have a latching lid to keep the parts from floating when submerged.

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed a custom basket internal grids with 3/16″ diameter rods crossing at different spacing to create different width pockets for the different customer parts.  Two levels of grids, one grid level at 1/3 of part height and the second grid at 2/3 of part height, effectively holds the parts vertical without any chance of them slipping underneath or over top of the grids.  These baskets have hinged lids with two latches on the top face.  The latches on the top face allow the footprint of the basket to get closer to the tank size, allowing a bit more part space.  These baskets also have stacking dual grip handles.  There is no need for mesh on the sides of these baskets because the grids completely capture the parts.  The bottom of the basket and the hinged lid a are  4 mesh x 0.047 woven wire mesh. The basket is 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout and all surfaces are Electropolished.

Design Features shown here that could be Ideas for your Custom Basket: