Stainless Steel Basket to Hold Tubes Assemblies for Cleaning:

Application Overview:

Our customer needed stainless steel baskets to hold their parts through a top loaded dip tank cleaning process.  The formed tube assemblies need to be extremely clean inside and out before they can be brazed into intercoolers.

Specific Requirements:

The customer parts are short tubes with 3-D bends.  The awkwardly shaped parts needed to be held in a very specific orientation to allow proper cleaning and draining.  The basket design needed to be as open and light as practical so the cleaning sprays and drying air blasts aren’t blocked.  Draining water from the inside of the tubes was critical to getting the parts dry within the short cleaning cycle time.  The size of the customer’s cleaning tank dictated the footprint of the basket (length and width).

Our Solution:

Three M Tool designed and built a custom stainless steel basket with a 5/16″ diameter rod outer frame with all frame joints TIG welded for strength. The interior of the basket has two levels of 3/16″ diameter rod grids creating 20 part compartments.  Each of the part compartments had several 1/8″ diameter rod “vertical pickets” to guide the parts in easily and to hold the parts in the correct orientation for drainage.   The bottom is lined with 1 mesh x 0.080″ welded wire mesh. The basket is 304 Stainless Steel Construction throughout.

Design Feature Ideas for your Custom Industrial Basket: