Standard Industrial Baskets

Experience Premium Quality in Standard Industrial Baskets

Ultrasonic cleaners and spin dryers are valuable to manufacturers looking to maximize the efficiency of their processes. With so many of these machines on the market and in use in facilities around the U.S., Three M Tool offers baskets that match conventional industry standards. These devices allow our customers to use their existing machines while also benefiting from the proven quality of our custom commercial wire baskets.

Three M Tool uses high-quality carbon and stainless steel to build baskets designed to withstand repeated use in severe environments. Our fabricated rod frames use precision TIG welds for lasting durability, and every basket is thoroughly deburred and inspected to ensure it will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Standard Expanded Metal Baskets Built for Industrial Use

Three M Tool expanded metal tote baskets are an excellent way to transport, organize and store parts. We design our expanded metal storage baskets with easy-lift handles that curl outward to stack securely. In manufacturing standard baskets, we use sturdy frames with reinforcement on all sides, enabling our conventional basket designs to handle heavy loads without buckling or tearing.

Our tote-style standard baskets are suited to many industrial purposes and can be built with expanded metal or woven wire mesh linings. Multiple sizes and material options are available.

Conventional Spin Dryer Baskets for Industry

Centrifugal dryers using conventional industry-standard baskets are designed to dry parts quickly and easily using the power of centrifugal force. Wire mesh baskets for this application must be able to withstand the rigors of the spinning process, which is why Three M Tool creates heavy-duty spin dryer baskets. Our designs fit standard machines while providing the exceptional performance and long service life expected from a custom product.

Developed to fit dryers including Desco, Fanta and New Holland models, our spin dryer baskets incorporate rigid vertical supports and a belt band for added strength and structural integrity. Our limited-swing V-handle is designed with a counterbalance to ensure smooth spinning, and a quick-release handle at the top will activate the sturdy, hinged drop bottom to empty the basket safely after a completed cycle.

Order Custom Commercial Industrial Wire Baskets to Fit Any Machine or Application

Industrial machinery does its best work with high-quality components. Three M Tool standard industrial baskets will fit seamlessly into your operation and boost your bottom line by reducing equipment accommodations and replacement costs. We also offer manufacturers custom industrial baskets for storage, fixturing or treatment processes unique to their industries.

Whether you need standard manufacturing baskets or custom parts management solutions made with electropolished stainless steel, the engineers at Three M Tool will be happy to discuss your project. Contact us today to get started on the personalized industrial basket design that fits your company.