Industries That Use Custom Baskets

Industries That Use Custom Baskets Designed by Three M Tool

Three M Tool’s design capabilities and commitment to quality make us a leader in creating innovative solutions for industries that use wire mesh baskets. A wide variety of industries use Three M Tool baskets for part holding, sorting, straining and filtering, and machine guarding. We build our steel baskets for industry use with rugged welded frames and premium lining materials for long service life even under repeated use in harsh environments.

Industries that use stainless steel baskets and other industrial baskets have highly specific needs for these devices, so Three M Tool produces custom wire mesh baskets in multiple materials as well as specialized configurations. Customers can order baskets using economical carbon steel or several stainless steel alloys with optional electropolishing or Nylon powder coating, ensuring a fit for any industrial application.

Storage and Manufacturing Uses for Custom Wire Mesh Baskets

Heavy-duty wire mesh baskets from Three M Tool are engineered to withstand heavy weight, intense heat and caustic chemicals. The automotive and heavy equipment industries demand parts holding solutions that can face these challenges every day, and Three M Tool baskets deliver. Customers in these fields value our ability to create unique designs that make their challenging work easier and more efficient.

All types of manufacturing use custom baskets. Suited for everything from cleaning and inspection, heat treating, parts dipping and storage, Three M Tool custom baskets can streamline a variety of processes and substantially increase manufacturing efficiency. Our designs can also be made automation-friendly with handles suited to maneuvering by workers as well as robots.

With the extreme precision afforded by our advanced engineering capabilities, Three M Tool is capable of crafting custom steel baskets suited to electronics manufacturing uses. Our stainless steel baskets can incorporate features to store and hold delicate PCBs for precision work such as micro soldering and vapor degreasing.

Our electropolished stainless steel baskets create a higher level of surface purity and cleanliness, making this material ideal for custom baskets used in food processing or to store medical devices and perform lab work.

Since 2002, Three M Tool has been designing customized parts management solutions for industries that use wire mesh baskets. Our engineers love a challenge, and we are committed to providing the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. If you need a custom steel basket that can withstand an industrial environment while making your job easier, contact us today and see what we can build for you.