Manufacturing Processes That Use Baskets

Manufacturing Processes That Use Wire Baskets

A wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes use custom wire baskets. Parts washing, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection and heat treating all benefit from a well-designed, well-built basket. Three M Tool custom wire baskets for manufacturing are some of the most rugged on the market, using TIG welded frames and high-quality materials to yield exceptional performance in any industrial environment.

Manufacturing processes that use wire baskets include everything from sorting and sifting to chemical dips. In a manufacturing environment, things are always moving, so baskets designed to serve in this setting must be able to handle the wear and tear of constant motion as well as repeated chemical exposure.

At Three M Tool, we build every wire mesh basket with durable steel for maximum service life, and our custom design process ensures manufacturers get the features they need to perform jobs with precision and efficiency.

Make Processes Easier With Custom, Well-Designed Baskets for Manufacturing

Three M Tool produces baskets for many different industries, so we offer a wealth of options to fit various needs and budgets. Our economical carbon steel offerings are perfect for indoor material handling or manufacturing processes requiring wire baskets for oil dipping treatments.

Stainless steel wire baskets for manufacturing can support many processes. Naturally resistant to corrosion as well as heat and chemical damage, stainless steel can tolerate aqueous spray washing without developing rust. Depending on the steel used, our custom baskets for manufacturing processes can withstand heat treating applications of up to 2,200 degrees.

The natural cleanliness of stainless steel readily lends this material to baskets used in ultrasonic cleaning and enclosed vapor degreasing applications. Stainless is also the natural choice for designing baskets for FPI and NDT inspections thanks to its extreme durability and capacity to tolerate chemical solutions without degrading.

Three M Tool employs multiple stainless alloys and other materials to ensure our finished designs precisely align with our customers’ needs and specifications. We’ve been making custom baskets for manufacturing processes and industrial applications since 2002, and our customer service is unparalleled. If you need a custom basket to streamline your manufacturing and production work, please reach out and discuss your project with our friendly engineers.