Parts Washing Machines Using Custom Baskets

Order Unique Industrial Parts Washer Basket Designs

Three M Tool designs and builds custom stainless steel baskets to work in many types of parts washers and industrial part cleaning machines. We have designed and built custom baskets for top loading dip tanks, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, enclosed vapor degreasing (EVD) machines, high-pressure tunnel wash machines, rotary table parts washers and conveyor systems.

Since 2002, we have been designing and building leading-edge industrial parts washer innovations. Starting with premium stainless or carbon steel, we utilize CNC bending and welding equipment to craft baskets that are well-made, long-lasting and perfectly suited to the specifications of each client.

Many Three M Tool customers are in highly specialized industries and require unique solutions to fit their parts washing protocols. There are many ways to use stainless steel baskets in parts washers, so we create products that allow our clients to take full advantage of this process.

From custom baskets for ultrasonic cleaning equipment to stainless steel dip tank baskets, Three M Tool crafts innovative parts handling solutions. Take a look at some of our recent projects and their machine compatibility to get ideas on what we can make for you. Feel free to contact us here to discuss how our industrial parts washer design capabilities can benefit your company.