Wire Basket Design Ideas - Interior

Explore Interior Wire Basket Design Ideas From Three M Tool Projects

Three M Tool offers many clever basket design features that could be incorporated into your custom basket. Our clients span industries ranging from aerospace and defense to medical implants, so we know that parts handling can go far beyond simply dumping components in a box.

Using high-quality carbon and stainless steels as well as industry-leading manufacturing techniques, Three M Tool creates some of the sturdiest, most innovative manufacturing interior wire mesh baskets on the market. Creating custom industrial interior metal baskets is our specialty, and we work with each client to design the interior basket features they need for their specific applications.

Take a look at some of our past projects to see the possibilities available with interior wire basket design ideas that streamline manufacturing, cleaning and parts storage.

Custom Design Your Stainless Mesh Basket for Manufacturing

No matter what you’re making, a basket that keeps parts in the order and position in the way you need them will significantly improve the speed and efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Three M Tool designs clever interior basket features to accomplish this goal, and we can create custom or standard industrial baskets to suit any part and procedure.

Surface Finish Options

While stainless steel is a naturally clean, corrosion-resistant material, Three M Tool goes a step further and offers electropolishing to ensure the complete smoothness and purity of our stainless mesh baskets for parts cleaning. For handling especially delicate parts with critical surfaces, we also offer coatings such as UHMW, Teflon, Nylon and Halar to prevent marring.

Mesh Dividers

For maximum efficiency, it is often beneficial to clean or store multiple batches of small parts in the same container. A custom stainless mesh interior basket design utilizing dividers saves valuable time and space by keeping parts together without mixing them up.

Pins and Pin Racks

When parts need to stay together without direct contact, pin racks allow for easy organization and storage. Basket design ideas incorporating this feature are ideal for tubes and parts with a center hole that need to stand upright.

Part Locating Grids

Another interior basket feature to manage part location are rod grids. Several levels of specifically sized locating grids in stainless steel baskets keep components in a set orientation to prevent scratching and facilitate cleaning, drying or coating processes.

Part-Specific Cradling

When you need oddly shaped parts held in a particular manner to protect or access critical features or surfaces, Three M Tool can utilize digital models to design part-specific baskets. In manufacturing these interior basket designs, we use your precise specifications to ensure the final outcome accelerates your production while keeping parts accurately positioned and perfectly secure.

Creating Custom Industrial Metal Baskets Is Our Specialty

Three M Tool started fabricating custom steel baskets in 2002, and our clients trust our commitment to quality and customer service. We approach every project by putting the customer first, working to understand their unique requirements and then crafting a custom industrial basket that perfectly fits their needs.

If your business could benefit from a carbon or stainless steel mesh basket designed just for your unique processes, please please contact us today. We’ll build exactly what you need.