Basket Handle Styles

Find the Perfect Custom Basket Handle Styles for Your Operation

Custom industrial baskets keep parts moving through process after process, so they need to be fit with the correct handling devices for specific environments and procedures. Proper handle design depends on how the baskets will be lifted, moved and stacked. At Three M Tool, we have experience creating basket handles for custom projects that simplify work, improve parts management and maximize usable space.

Three M Tool designs use advanced welding and bending techniques along with premium steels to build baskets that offer exceptional performance and long service life. On every project, we collaborate with the customer to determine their needs for basket utility and material characteristics, then build an industrial basket for their unique application.

See Our Examples of Custom Styles for Basket Handles

In designing custom metal basket handles, we account for how the basket will be moved as well as its intended use. Three M Tool has many clients that use automation to keep parts moving throughout their manufacturing facilities, so we offer the integration of TDR handles for use by robots or human workers.

We create our stackable metal basket handles with the perfect balance of maneuverability, security and economy of space. From swinging to static, each of the stainless steel basket handle styles from Three M Tool can be engineered to fit specific needs. Take a look at some of our basket handles for custom projects for ideas of how these features might work for you.

Build Your Own Custom Metal Basket Handle Designs

When creating a custom industrial basket design with Three M Tool, you have the option of incorporating a variety of interior and exterior features, including part locating grids, surface finishes and drop bottoms. Crafting your own basket handle style is a part of this process and ensures your basket will be stackable, secure and easy to move.

The friendly engineers at Three M Tool are always ready to take on new challenges. Contact us today to get started on a custom basket and handle design that keeps your business moving.