Basket Bottom Feature Ideas

Review these Bottom Feature Ideas for Your Wire Mesh Basket Custom Design

Three M Tool specializes in creating the custom steel baskets and racks manufacturers use to manage inventory, complete processes and keep parts secure. In a busy industrial environment, wire mesh baskets need to tolerate rough handling day after day, which is why we offer design elements such as bottom features to support added utility and long service life.

Features on the bottom of a wire basket add strength and help it move smoothly on a conveyor or interface directly to a machine. The wire mesh basket custom designs we create for customers frequently include bottom features that facilitate these goals. When designing a custom basket that fits your processes and equipment, you have the opportunity to include elements that support virtually any procedure.

Designing custom bottoms for wire baskets is just a part of our overall process. Three M Tool uses high-quality carbon and stainless steel to create baskets our customers can’t find anywhere else. Each product we sell incorporates precision welding and thorough deburring for safety, and our options for design features include custom lids, handles, coatings and bottoms.

Wire Basket Bottom Features Improve Strength and Utility

Three M Tool creates custom baskets for industries including automotive, medical, aerospace and defense. As a result, we have a wealth of experience adding custom features to the bottoms of wire basket designs, and our friendly engineers can create new styles for any need or process.

Custom bottoms on wire baskets are highly valuable for industries that use automation to streamline production. Adding reinforcement to this surface will ensure the longevity of your basket as it travels along conveyors and through processing tanks. Baskets used in ultrasonic cleaners will benefit from bottom risers to elevate parts out of the sonic dead zone and assure a thorough clean.

If you need bottom feature design ideas for wire baskets, our past projects include conveyor faces and compression lids for baskets that travel easily and stack securely. You can also request a drop bottom basket using one of our advanced latch designs or have our engineers add specialized connections to ensure your custom basket will properly interface with your other equipment.

Request Custom Bottom Features for Your Industrial Wire Baskets

Three M Tool began selling custom commercial wire baskets in 2002, and we have since worked with manufacturing customers in many industries. Our friendly engineers use industry-leading machines, designs and materials, and we are confident that we can build the perfect basket for you.

If your business needs parts management solutions with advanced bottom features, you came to the right place. Contact us today to discuss your project and get started on the perfect wire basket for your application.