Basket and Carrier System Ideas

Commercial Basket Carrier Ideas to Simplify Parts Management

Many processes require a system of a basket to hold parts, trays to hold several baskets, and carriers to hold several trays. Three M Tool has been creating innovative parts handling and treating solutions since 2002, and our expertise extends to a wide variety of industries. We’ve built baskets for everything from medical implants to heavy equipment components, so we know how to keep parts safe, clean and in order.

Custom stainless steel wire mesh basket carriers are an excellent way to maximize the efficiency of a production line. When handling multiple batches of small parts, a divided commercial basket carrier will maintain your organization system while keeping components together during transport and storage. Secure and convenient, these parts management devices are ideal for handling parts for later assembly.

Find New Wire Basket Carrier Ideas for Manufacturing

Three M Tool creates numerous types of manufacturing wire basket carriers to fit specific systems and applications, including the following.

Drip and Drain Systems

Commonly used as car parts or carburetor cleaning baskets, our cleverly designed drip and drain systems will fit into and rest on standard buckets to clean parts and save money on solvents.

Flat Baskets With Carriers

Flat baskets with locating grids are excellent for maintaining the security of small parts. With multiple stacking baskets in an automation-friendly carrier, you can place large batches of delicate components in an ultrasonic cleaner while still keeping them separated, eliminating the need for sorting and making cleaning processes much more efficient.

Baskets With Trays

Three M Tool uses sturdy wire mesh and welded rod to build trays and lids for containing delicate components. These trays can be designed to fit a custom carrier to ensure all parts remain secure and packaged together for precise inventory control.

Baskets With Inserts

When you want one basket to contain multiple parts in specific configurations, an insert system offers ultimate versatility. Three M Tool can design custom baskets and inserts to hold complete sets of pieces of different sizes and shapes. This containment method keeps assemblies together as they run through processes, ensuring everything is perfectly consistent for precision work.

Enhance Your Efficiency With Industrial Wire Mesh Basket Carriers

Three M Tool creates custom stainless steel baskets, trays and racks to suit virtually any industrial commercial basket carrier application. When you contact us for a custom parts management solution, you get a system that is designed just for your business, accommodating your parts, your processes and your budget.

If you’re looking for a carrier system to streamline the work in your industry, contact us today to discuss your project with our engineers.