Wire Basket Design Ideas - Exterior

Find Inspiration With Exterior Wire Basket Design Ideas

Three M Tool has created custom steel mesh baskets for clients in many industries, so we have the capabilities and the experience to build almost anything. To help our customers envision the possibilities in custom industrial  basket design features, we’ve put together a portfolio from recent projects. The pages below offer technical information along with ideas and options that could work for your custom basket application.

The design features of our stainless mesh baskets are engineered to simplify the positioning, fixturing, sorting, storing and treating of parts. As many of our clients operate in large-scale manufacturing operations, we offer basket design ideas that are compatible with human workers as well as automated processes.

Features to Improve Custom Stainless Mesh Exterior Basket Designs

Creating industrial metal baskets with exterior features such as specialized lids, stacking, handles and lift points can significantly enhance their functionality. Three M Tool engineers work with clients requiring a wide variety of unique add-ons to customize their industrial baskets, and we’re always eager to meet new challenges.

Our stainless steel baskets for manufacturing can be enhanced with exterior design features in both light and heavy-duty applications. Whether you need to maneuver heavy equipment or store medical devices, we can create a specialized design to give your basket maximum utility.

Basket and Carrier Systems

Moving many delicate parts simultaneously is made much safer and more convenient with a carrier system. Three M Tool builds wire basket designs to contain trays or other holding devices for secure storage and transport. We can also create advanced designs for cleaning, such as the drip and drain systems often used as car parts cleaning baskets.

Handle Styles

Depending on how your basket will be manipulated and whether it needs to stack safely, we can create handles to facilitate specific processes without taking up valuable space.

Lifting Features

Adding designated lift points to your stainless mesh basket is an excellent way to keep work moving with automation or ensure your workers have minimal contact with chemicals and solvents.

Lid Styles

Many wire basket designs include lids and latches to keep parts from floating when submerged, or to secure parts through rotation or rough transport.

Bottom Features

Different bottom features in a basket design can help a basket stack easily, engage accurately on locating pins, or roll smoothly across conveyor systems. We can also add features to enable direct connection to machines.

Stacking Features

Three M Tool’s heavy-duty stainless steel mesh baskets are ideal for storing delicate components. Stacking features on the exterior of an industrial metal basket design allow for precise, secure placement and containment until parts are needed.

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The engineers at Three M Tool have been creating parts management innovations for our customers since 2002. We know every business has unique needs, so we approach each project with fresh enthusiasm and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today if you’re ready to bring your design ideas to life and create the wire mesh baskets your company needs.