When structuring a flow of manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency, you often find a need for products that don’t exist yet. Fortunately, Three M Tool has the advanced technology and knowledgeable engineers needed to make these products a reality. Our industrial wire forming capabilities allow you to design virtually any custom wire structure and put it to work in your facility.

In 2002, Three M Tool began creating custom commercial baskets for industrial use, building clever designs out of premium carbon and stainless steel. We use CNC bending equipment and high-strength TIG welds to craft durable, long-lasting industrial parts management tools such as trays, baskets, carriers and racks. This combination of advanced equipment and expertise makes us one of the premier wire forming suppliers in the United States.

Custom industrial wire forming from Three M Tool always begins with our engineers ensuring they have a precise understanding of the customer’s needs. From there, we select the best material, surface finish and features for the given application, creating a custom product that combines durability, utility and longevity.

We Excel in Advanced Wire Basket Forming for Custom Projects and Commercial Purposes

Three M Tool creates custom industrial baskets, carriers and forms for clients in a variety of industries. These products range from light-duty storage trays to heavy-duty baskets for spin dryers and industrial cleaners, and any of them can incorporate innovative features to suit unique purposes.

Our engineers have crafted clever solutions to simplify many industrial processes. We utilize wire forming on many of our custom projects to add functionality to our designs. For example, our drip and drain baskets have specially formed wire feet, which allow them to rest securely on any standard-sized bucket for easy draining. When not in use, these feet fold away under the basket to create a sturdy base.

Since many industrial wire baskets need to be compatible with automation for manufacturing, our designs incorporate specialized forms such as diamond-shaped conveyor faces for reinforcement and smooth travel. Our engineers also create customized handle styles for easy stacking and maneuverability by human workers and robots alike.

The interiors of our stainless steel commercial baskets often call for custom wire forming projects. We design pin racks, part cradles and part locating grids that enable manufacturers to place components of various sizes and shapes in precise orientations. Special coatings including Nylon, Halar and Teflon are also available, and we offer electropolished stainless steel for applications that require the best in smoothness and corrosion resistance.

Trust Three M Tool With Your Custom Wire Forming Projects

With our CNC wire bending and welding capabilities, Three M Tool can design custom stainless steel racks, specialized exterior and interior basket features, and virtually any style of hook, connecting rod, grip or support. Each piece is inspected for quality and consistency and thoroughly deburred for the safety of both workers and parts.

Please contact us to discuss your project ideas and requirements. Three M Tool’s engineers are experts in commercial wire forming, and no job is too big or small. Whether you’re storing delicate medical devices or supporting heavy parts during chemical processes, we’ll create the perfect custom steel wire form for your application.