To keep your business processes running smoothly, you need hardware that fits your space and your procedures. Custom stainless steel racks for manufacturers provide an excellent solution for hanging and storing everything from treated parts to equipment. Durable stainless steel will resist heat, corrosion and chemical exposure, enabling it to stand up to harsh environments and the rigors of daily use.

Three M Tool builds custom stainless steel racks using premium steel and robust, precise TIG welding to create high-quality storage solutions that fit any application. In addition to designing custom steel racks for manufacturers, we also utilize stainless steel’s natural corrosion resistance and tolerance of extreme temperatures to create racks for industrial kitchens, ovens and freezers.

We Build Custom Racks for All Commercial Projects

Our clients occupy diverse industries, so Three M Tool engineers know how to incorporate a variety of features in designing stainless steel custom racks. Part-specific locating or cradling features allow for the precise placement of pieces onto a rack, readying them for further treatment and protecting critical surfaces from accidental damage.

Custom-built steel racks can also be fitted with handles or lift points to facilitate easy maneuvering. A well-placed grip represents an enormous benefit in heat treating and cooking applications, ensuring an operator can manipulate the rack safely and efficiently. We can also add risers to allow airflow for cooling and drying after these processes.

Three M Tool builds every custom rack or basket design with high-quality materials and exemplary craftsmanship. Since our clients make everything from medical devices to heavy equipment, we can incorporate virtually any feature into a custom-built commercial rack, including special coatings and finishes.

Designing Custom Steel Racks Begins With Your Ideas

The design process at Three M Tool centers on customer satisfaction. The first thing we do is evaluate your desired application to determine your specific needs. Three M Tool uses many different steel alloys depending on the requirements of the project, as some offer better heat resistance or other factors in given environments. Once we know which characteristics are needed, we’ll choose the material that will provide the optimal combination of service life and performance.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your project with our engineers from the very beginning. Since Three M Tool offers highly customizable products, you can create a stainless steel rack to fit virtually anywhere. Your dimensions, temperature range, potential chemical exposure and load rating will all be accounted for as we create your perfect custom-built rack.

With your approval of the final design, Three M Tool will use our industry-leading CNC equipment to craft the rugged, long-lasting rack you need to increase the utility of your space and the efficiency of your processes.

Make Your Custom Steel Rack Design a Reality

Three M Tool has been creating custom steel racks, baskets and storage solutions since 2002. Many of our customers are leaders in their own industries and rely on our quality products to keep their equipment running and their parts in order.

If your business could benefit from the perfect fit and proven longevity of a customized stainless steel rack, contact Three M Tool today and let us build something for you.