Surface Finish Options for Custom Baskets


Custom basket designs have several surface finish options available to improve the performance of the basket.  There are finishes to improve the corrosion resistance of the base material.  And there are a range of coatings [...]

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How We Design Baskets


DEFINE CUSTOMER NEEDS: Every successful project begins by understanding the customer's application.  Our Sales Team starts with some questions to capture the requirements: GENERAL APPLICATION: Cleaning, Filtering, Chemical dip, Heat treating, FPI Inspection, etc. APPLICATION [...]

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Three M Tool vs. AnySizeBasket.com


There has been some confusion over the relationship between "Three M Tool" and "AnySizeBasket.com". Three M Tool is the "brick and mortar" company in York, PA that has been designing and manufacturing wire baskets and [...]

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Wire Mesh Nomenclature


Wire Mesh Nomenclature Welded Wire Mesh: Cross wires are laid on top of long wires and are resistance welded together at each intersection creating very even square openings. Welded mesh is more rigid (less flexible) than [...]

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Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal or Expanded Metal for Baskets


Most baskets are lined with either woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh, expanded metal, or perforated steel. Each lining material has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Wire Mesh Is designated by a “Mesh Number” (number of [...]

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