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Whether you turn to Three M Tool for stainless steel wire baskets or any other metal fabrication solution, you get much more than top-quality products you can depend on. You also benefit from a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

Our baskets are manufactured from durable carbon and stainless steel, and they feature solidly welded frames and heavy wire mesh linings. All of our carbon and stainless steel wire mesh baskets offer technologically advanced designs and superior craftsmanship that enable them to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial use.

All customer inquiries go directly to our York, PA office and are handled by highly trained customer service representatives who are committed to resolving your issue with speed and efficiency.


Three M Tool began in the 1948 as a supplier of stamping dies to several local manufacturing companies like General Electric, Tyco, Honeywell, York International, ACCO, and Campbell Chain. Stamping dies led to the production of other production dies, and by the 1950s, we were producing stamped metal spools for wire, cable, and chain.

Throughout the 1960s, companies that utilized our spools asked us to develop self-contained chain and cable cutters for retail hardware stores. In the 1980s we debuted our first ratchet-action and hydraulic chain cutters, which set new standards in the market.

At the turn of the century, Three M Tool expanded its equipment and staff to accommodate more intricate designs and fabrications. Along with dies, spools, and cutters, we added products formed and welded from a greater variety of materials. We are now one of the leaders in wire baskets, racks, containers, and custom metal fixtures. Since 2002, a primary focus of our business has been the production of custom wire baskets that assist manufacturers in catching, cleaning and sorting metal parts.

Relationship between “Three M Tool” and “AnySizeBasket.com”.

Three M Tool is the “brick and mortar” company in York, PA that has been designing and manufacturing wire baskets and related products since 2002.

AnySizeBasket.com was an innovative website that Three M Tool launched in 2007 that used menu-driven steps to help users design, price and order an almost unlimited variety of mesh baskets in “Any Size” they needed.  The website was so successful that Three M Tool created a division called “AnySizeBasket”.  Orders can be placed with either “AnySizeBasket” or “Three MTool”

Three M Tool Companies

We received our baskets on Tuesday. Thanks for your help & professionalism, we are pleased with the results. I hope to work with Three M Tool again in the future.

Shawn D. Pointer, Therm-O-Disc, Inc

We’ve been very happy with our baskets.

Nancy Lowell, Whole Foods Market, Callowhill

Just wanted you to know I got the basket and I’m very happy with it. It’s very well made and plenty strong enough.

Brian Beauregard, Antron Engineering & Machine Co., Inc.

I just want to let you know that our order of 8 baskets have arrived safely and in good order. Also, to congratulate you on an excellent finished and delivered product, the quality is perfect. I will certainly be passing this information around the aviation areas.

Dave Burns , Safran