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Austin Hunt-President of Three M Tool explains the New Ultra Precision Cleaning Basket
Thursday, May 7, 2015

Austin Hunt of Three M Tool explains how a customer was looking to clean precision machined parts through a closed loop vapor degreasing part cleaning process with full basket rotation and ultrasonic cleaning.  The precision cleaning basket needed to be strong, all surfaces must be smooth, and the basket needed to promote effective and consistent precision cleaning.  Three M Tool’s design solution included 1/8” diameter 304 stainless steel rods, formed and resistance welded at every intersection for strength and durability. This top lip allows the baskets to be securely stacked. The stainless steel basket has a Conveyor Bottom” which has a flat perimeter frame with cross bars to help the basket move easily on either powered or gravity feed roller conveyors. The smooth round rods, radiused corners and our carefully controlled resistance welds are inherently burr-free.  Each basket is carefully hand inspected and any burrs are buffed out.  After fabrication, the entire basket is electro-polished, which chemically cleans and polishes the surfaces even further. We TIG weld the basket’s top frame, conveyor bottom and handles in place for maximum strength and smoothness.  MIG welding would be easier and cheaper, but MIG welding can’t consistently produce the clean smooth welds needed here.  For maximum cleaning effectiveness, we included these design features: The basic construction of the crossing grid rods creates open space for excellent cleaning flow and ultrasonic wave penetration.  The stainless steel basket has 12 mm openings which gives 63% open space. Each rod intersection is resistance welded, eliminating any gaps that would trap dirt particles or drag-through liquids. The swinging handle was also designed to be as open as possible that could trap unwanted particles. The electro-polished stainless steel surfaces are mirror smooth on a microscopic level to shed dirt easily.   This precision cleaning basket is 370 mm x 220 mm x 200 mm.  This same construction is available in many metric and inch configurations for a most precision parts cleaning systems.  Please take a look at this basket and a bunch of other cool projects on our website  If our ingenuity and craftsmanship would be helpful for your engineered