Three M Tool began in the 1940s as a supplier of stamping dies to several local manufacturing companies like General Electric, Tyco, Honeywell, York International, ACCO, and Campbell Chain. Stamping dies led to the production of other production dies, and by the 1950s, we were producing stamped metal spools for wire, cable, and chain.
Throughout the 1960s, companies that utilized our spools asked us to develop self-contained chain and cable cutters for retail hardware stores. In the 1980s we debuted our first rachet-action and hydraulic chain cutters, which set new standards in the market. Today, Three M Tool is the top-selling supplier of chain and cable cutters in the U.S.
At the turn of the century, Three M Tool expanded its equipment and staff to accommodate more intricate designs and fabrications. Along with dies, spools, and cutters, we added products formed and welded from a greater variety of materials. We are now one of the leaders in wire baskets, racks, containers, and custom metal fixtures.