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Small Ocular Implant Wire Mesh Cleaning Baskets
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three M Tool was contacted by a Replacement eye implant manufacture, that needed specific wire mesh Baskets to hold lenses thru several chemical processes and several high temperature curing processes. These baskets needed to be Surgical grade stainless steel, and Electro-polished for purity and smoothness. The customer designed it, but needed us to figure out how to make it. We made some suggestions to improve the design for manufacturability, and made a few samples for validation and approval. Then, good news/bad news, we needed to be in full production within about month. We then needed to invent a repeatable fabrication process to make the zig-zag mesh panels, along with inventing a welding process to join the panels together that held the tight tolerances on size and smoothness needed. All of that and still getting repeatable and strong weld joints.
I can’t image that many of you need baskets like this to clean your ocular implants, but what you should take from is that we are:
o Very good at working with mesh 
o Extremely skilled at improving design for manufacturability
o Enjoy working closely with smart customers to create the best possible end product