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In Stock Baskets and Design Your Own Available at: features an assortment of standard in-stock baskets which can ship immediately.  The easy to use "Design Your Own Basket" function will have your customized baskets on the way within 2 weeks. 

Choose from light-weight baskets or medium-weight.


All online orders within the continental US ship for free!



Think Assembly Lines, what comes to mind? Henry Ford? That is because he is credited with the installation of the first moving assembly line. The concept came from a meat packaging company that used a disassemble line to slaughter cows, kind of gross but an interesting concept. 

 Henry's thought process was if they can use this to disassemble, why not use this theory to assemble? With that in mind he used the assembly line process to assemble the Model T. 



The benefit was dropping production time from 20 minutes per car to 5 minutes. This made them an economical car for the middle class, and they were able to have them in mass production.



Three M Tool uses a different approach!

Ford's mass production is great when you're making 14 million identical black cars, with no options. But we embrace options thru our artisan approach instead of using an Assembly Line.  Each one of our skilled craftsman has a set of skills they are able to apply to each project from beginning to end. Unlike an assembly line process, that you are trained in only one aspect of the process, our craftsman are responsible for the whole project.   

Three M Tool's Skilled Craftsman at work.


Why does this matter to you?

Our craftsman take the time to make sure the entire product is built to meet our high quality standards. They're not concerned with just one small task - they care about the entire job. That means our customers get a product they can rely on for years to come.

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Our baskets are "Built to Last." Let us build one for you! Three M Tool has a commitment to excellence, to design high quality wire products. Check out our other wire products.

Need something more standard? No problem, will allow you to design what you are looking for in 3 easy steps! 

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Sales and Marketing 


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