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Three M Tool Launches Dip-and-Drain Website
Friday, March 13, 2015

You know about Three M Tool’s website to customize a wire mesh basket and website to order a hydraulic chain cutter. Now check out

What is unique about this Dip-and-Drain basket and why do you need it?
In addition to the rugged industrial grade construction, it is the first basket to have Flip Out Feet. The feet swing down and under the basket so that painting equipment, auto parts or any small machine parts can be loaded into the basket, then dipped, sloshed and/or swirled in any container of liquid. When you are done, the feet swing out easily and lock into the full out position so that the basket sits on the top edge of the bucket for mess-free draining.

The Three M Tool Dip-and-Drain basket will fit ANY five (5) gallon bucket and the unique round mesh steel (either Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel) basket holds up against mild chemical corrosion.

If you want to stop making a mess on the floor of your shop, sidewalk or garage and you want to eliminate the awkward contraption you’ve built to drain whatever basket you are currently using, visit and order your Dip-and-Drain basket today.