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Three M Tool's New Ultra Precision Basket is so strong and rugged, it can support a truck!
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amid the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, home to manufacturing giants like Harley Davidson, Johnson Controls and Dentsply, Three M Tool has become a leader in fabricated wire products. Three M Tool is well-known across North America among experienced buyers for its great customer service, ingenuity, and high-quality.  And now, one of the leading German cleaning equipment manufacturers is turning to Three M Tool too.

Three M Tool was able to help out a leading international supplier of precision industrial cleaning solutions, headquartered in Germany with North American operations. The Ultra Precision Stainless Steel Cleaning Baskets are super rugged, extremely strong and yet are extremely smooth with large openings to effectively clean all types of manufactured parts.  Prototypes were developed tested and approved.  Special production equipment was designed and built.  And full production has begun.

And now, you too can order these Ultra Precision Cleaning baskets and lids.  The Ultra Precision Cleaning baskets and lids are available in standard sizes to match the metric formats, with custom sizes available.  All with engaged customer service and substantially shorter lead times.


This product line will provide end users with precision cleaning of their parts. The unique grid style allows for more flow and the welded grid body basket won’t trap any solutions.


Many standard metric sizes and US inch sizes of these ultra-precision, stainless-steel cleaning baskets are available for use in precision cleaning systems manufactured by Ransohoff, Branson Ultrasonics, Blackstone-Ney, RAMCO, Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG), JenFab, Proceco, MecWash, Stoelting, and many, many others.


For more details about the stainless steel Ultra Precision Baskets from Three M Tool go to: